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Our qualified and very highly trained team   of  technical   staff strives to meet demands of customers   and proved to maintain highest standards of quality.


Zeetex lubricants are formulated to the highest international standards & specifications set by specialized international institutions.


Automotive Lubricants
Industrial Lubricants
Marine Lubricants

Manufactured using high quality ingredients and base oils, Zeetex Lubricants meet international quality specifications and are certified API and ISO 9001:2000. Zeetex lubricants have also been tested and certified by all major European and American quality-control organizations.

Particularly suited for the lubrication of most modern, high-output, supercharged or turbo charged gasoline and diesel engines operating under even the harshest of driving conditions. Essentially recommended for high speed driving and stop & go service, Zeetext range of automotive lubricants provide:
• Perfect lubrication powers in all seasons.
• Reduced maintenance costs through extended engine life.
• Reduced running costs through improved oil and fuel efficiency.
• Ultimate protection against high temperature.
• Superior antifriction and engine cleaning properties.
• Extended oil drain intervals.

Zeetex Industrial Oils and Lubricants provide an exclusive combination of resources bring you unique value.  We are committed to providing a combination of technical expertise and naturally derived, high performance industrial products to a large array of customers. Zeetex industrial lubricants are known for their long life, effectiveness and provide:

• Extended oil life.
• Outstanding thermal and hydrolytic stability.
• Outstanding filterability and good shear stability.
• Exceptional resistance to oxidation and foaming.
• Highly effective control over wear, corrosion and rust.
• Low pour point ensures good fluidity in cold climates.
• Improved frication characteristics resulting in lower running temperatures.

Zeetex Marine Lubricants' high-quality products are shielding the engines and shipboard gear and tools of the world's major fleets. Zeetex Lubricants can be trusted to meet marine standards for quality and performance. Zeetex branded products have always been designed to help keep customers’ equipment operating at optimal performance levels.

Zeetex Marine Lubricants are of premium quality and provide high performance. Marine lubricants made by Zeetex are API CD level oil with high level of alkalinity reserve to neutralize all acids, designed with highly refined base stocks and a well balanced additive package. Zeetex LLubricants meet the requirements of the world renowned manufacturers like MAN B& W, NEW SULZER DIESEL, WARTSILA, DORMAN DIESEL and PIELSTICK.

Zeetex manufactures a wide range of greases for varying applications. All greases manufactured by Zeetex are of top quality, smooth-textured with high degree of extreme pressure protection and meet the international requirements of DIN 51502, KP1K, KP2K. KP3K, KP4K, DIN 51825, KP1K, KP2K, KP3K, KP4K, ISO   L-XBCEB1, L-XBCEB2, L-XBCEB3, L-XBCEB4 etc  

Zeetex greases are recommended for the lubrication of plain and rolling element bearings, joints, couplings, linkages, pivots, open gears and all other moving or vibrating machine parts used in automotive, industries, mining, marine and other services, subject to severe slidings and shock-loads at high service temperature. Perfectly suitable for centralised lubrication systems.