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New Zamy Establishment was established in 1991 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has steadily grown as one of the leading exporters of all kinds of automotive tyres, tubes, batteries and automobile spare parts.

Some of the major tyre brands supplied by New Zamy Establishment include world-renowned names like:
Suntec Tyres (India),
HTL (solid rubber forklift tyres from India),
Zamy International Tyres (India),
Bison Tyres
(India) and
MRF Tyres (India).

In addition to these internationally-acclaimed brands, the company also deals in other leading brands like:
- to name a few.

In order to provide a comprehensive service to its clients and customers, New Zamy Trading also stocks a wide range of automobile tubes and batteries. Tubes supplied by the company are known for their high quality and low prices. These include tubes from such renowned names like:
Zamy Star Tubes,
Mypol Tubes
Rubberking (India),
Platinum (India),
Maruti (India) and
Heungah / Dongah (Korea).

New Zamy Trading also supplies a large range of automobile batteries of all kinds. Some of the leading brands supplied by the company include Yasuka, Incoe and Megastar.

New Zamy Trading has a special division which supplies all kinds of genuine automobile spare parts for cars, trucks and agricultural machinery. The spare parts division has been supplying a wide range of genuine auto parts like filters, brake pads, gaskets, spark plugs, clutch parts, fuel pumps, caliper kits, timing chains etc. for Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda and other popular vehicles.

The company has gone on to establish itself as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of used cars and light commercial vehicles. In recent years, the company has been at the forefront of supplying used cars to many African countries.


The wide range of products and services offered by New Zamy Trading has helped the company establish a reputation of being a ‘one-stop source’ for all kinds of automotive requirements. The rapid growth of New Zamy Trading necessitated the need to establish overseas offices in key international markets like Iraq, India and Russia. In Africa, New Zamy Trading has developed an extensive distribution network with associate offices in Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. The company has been exporting its products to these markets.

New Zamy Trading is now seeking to further expand its customer base in key African countries and is searching for reliable business partners in Africa. Wholesalers, importers and retailers of tyres, tubes and batteries in Africa will find New Zamy Trading a supportive and reliable partner. You can contact New Zamy Trading and establish a longterm business contact.

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