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Abdul Zahir Bashir Trading (LLC) is a well-established company in Dubai and has been operational since 1994. Eversince its establishment, the company has been meeting the needs of various clients across the world as a wholesaler, exporter, stockist and distributor of tyres, tubes, batteries and lubricants.

Known for its excellent logistics and timely deliveries, the company maintains a huge stock of its products in Dubai that are ready for shipment to any part of the world at a short notice. The company has two warehouses in Dubai and 10 warehouses in Sharjah and another 10 warehouses in Rashidiya. Each warehouse is approximately 12,500 square feet!

Abdul Zahir Bashir General Trading is one of the leading suppliers of Chinese tyres in Dubai, UAE and deals in popular tyre brands like Ling Long Tyres, Durun, Taishan, Double Happiness, Nexen, Triangle Tyres, Starfire, Double Star, Chengshan and other tyres from popular manufacturers from around the world.

Abdul Zahir Bashir Trading (LLC) is recognised as a leading abdul zahir bashir tyre dealerexporter of tyres, tubes and batteries to African countries. African buyers prefer to buy tyres from the company at wholesaler prices and resell the tyres at a profit in their home countries. Abdul Zahir Bashir Trading (LLC) offers a wide range of products under one roof so customers are able to buy tyres, tubes and batteries that best suit their requirements and budget. Buyers of tyres in Africa are happy to buy tyres from Abdul Zahir Bashir Trading (LLC) as they are able to compare prices of various brands and order the products that best suits their business requirements.

In addition to tyres, Abdul Zahir Bashir Trading (LLC) is also a wholesaler, exporter and supplier of automotive batteries from renowned manufacturers from around the world. Batteires available with Abdul Zahir bashir Trading (LLC) include SBK Batteries (made in Korea and Thailand), Platinum Batteries (maintenance free batteries made in Korea), Mustang Battery (from Thailand), Japan Star (from Indonesia), AZB Battery (from Indonesia) and Super Power Battery (also from Indonesia).

Having established itself as a leading supplierand wholesaler of tyres and batteries in Dubai, Abdul Zahir Bashir Trading (LLC) also started dealing in all kinds of lubricants, engines oils and diesel oils. Today the company is the autorised distributor of renowned lubricant brands like TOTAL Lubricants, Caltex Lubricants, Elf Lubricants, Metro Lubricants, Tractor Lubricants, Superlube Lubricants and Starlube Lubricants.

abdul zahir tyresEXPORTS TO AFRICA
Abdul Zahir Bashir Trading (LLC) is a major exporter to many African countries and has been supplying tyres, tubes, batteries and lubricants to several African countries.

In addition to exports to the African market, Abdul Zahir Bashir Trading (LLC) has also emerged as a major supplier of tyres, tubes, batteries and lubricants to countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East and C.I.S. With such a diverse product range, Abdul Zahir Bashir General Trading Company (LLC) has emerged as a major supplier to new and emerging markets in Africa. The company has been supplying a wide range of its products to many African.

Not to mention the fact that the company has a strong and loyal customer base in South Asia, Greater Middle East and North Africa.

With such a well-knit distribution and sales network spanning the local, regional and global markets, Abdul Zahir General Trading Company (LLC) has indeed emerged as a global enterprise with strong relationships with both – its buyers and suppliers.

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  Abdul Zahir Trading specialist wholesaler of Chinese tyres and deals in popular brands like Ling Long, Double Happiness, Triangle, Durun, Starfire, Dong Ah, Cheng Shan – to name a few    

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