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Al Shirawi Enterprises, the distributor for Scania in the United Arab Emirates since 1981, has been registering a healthy growth in demand for genuine spare parts for trucks, buses and marine and industrial engines. As an authorised distributor of Scania, Al Shirawi Enterprises has been active in supplying genuine spare parts and accessories and has been known as a leading service provider for Scania product users in the UAE. A dedicated marketing strategy, efficient after-sales support, speedy availability of genuine spare parts and a high quality of service have been the deciding factors in the company's phenomenal success.

The spare parts division of Al Shirawi Enterprises not only provides genuine spare parts but also ensures quick and timely delivery. As a result, Al Shirawi has been able to service the need for genuine Scania spare parts in the UAE and has ensured a growing and loyal clientele. The company has also played an important role in educating customers about the risks and dangers of using fake spare parts, thereby ensuring that Scania products are maintained in top condition through the use of genuine spare parts bought from authorised dealers of Scania.


Al Shirawi Enterprises is part of the Al Shirawi Group of Companies which is well renowned in the United Arab Emirates. Al Shirawi Group is one of the largest manufacturing, engineering, trading, marketing, distribution, contracting and servicing conglomerate in the Arabian Gulf. Al Shirawi Enterprises represents world renowned products - SCANIA trucks, buses, marine & industrial engines from Sweden; CASE construction equipment of Case Corporation USA; STILL Forklifts and material-handling systems from Germany; IRIZAR Tourist Coaches from Spain.

The strength of Al Shirawi Enterprises is its ability to provide an excellent after-sales support in supplying genuine parts at affordable prices and technical support which are required to maximise the utilisation of these equipment.

"The products we provide are used for commercial applications and hence minimising down-time plays a critical role in ensuring profitable operations. Though some people are tempted by cheaper non-genuine parts they soon realise that it is more economical to use genuine parts," says Thani Al Shirawi, the executive director of Al Shirawi Enterprises. Al Shirawi Enterprises conducts detailed study and analysis of parts movement to optimise its stock as a result of which it is able to provide a wide range of genuine parts off the shelf at affordable prices. It has developed a well-established parts shipping routines with the suppliers which enables the company to obtain parts from its supplier at short lead times. This has helped the company to gain a major share of the market for genuine parts.

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