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MRF Limited is one of India's world class manufacturing companies. The company, established in 1946, progressed into manufacturing tread-rubber and entered into the manufacture of tyres in 1961. MRF now enjoys the distinction of being the largest tyre company in the Indian subcontinent and 12th largest in the world. The Far Eastern Economics Review's annual 'Review 200' has consistently rated it amongst India's top 10 companies.

MRF operates six grant tyre manufacturing plants in India. Relevant ISO quality certification has been awarded to all its tyre manufacturing plants. The company maufactures the largest range of tyres in India-heavy duty truck/bus tyres, light commercial vehicle tyres, passenger care tyres, off-road industrial tyres, two-wheeler tyres, farm service tyres and motor-sport tyres to cater to every segment of the tyre market. MRF is the only Indian company to put its expertise into the manufacuture of F3 tyres for the motor racing circuit.

Maintenance of high quality standards and constant innovation have become synonymous with the organization, giving all products the unique status of highest brand preference in India for their superior quality and performance. In a fitting tribute, MRF has been rated by JD Power Asia Pacific, as #1 in customer satisfaction for tyres in India for the year 2002.

The MRF R&D team has made great strides in developing radial tyre technology for Indian roads based on its Cross-Ply technical competence. MRF has laid great emphasis on strong R&D and continuous product up-gradation, which has led to the successful development of the unique tyre technology for Cross-Ply Tyres to suit the tough service conditions of Indian roads.


MRF tyres are today acknowledged as premium products in overseas markets where they compete with international tyre majors. With its focus on exports, the company plans to increase market share and start operations in several new countries. The company has recently opened representative offices in Dubai, Vietnam, Bangladesh and the USA to help increase its market share and also intends to make forays into several new markets.

MRF's interests now extend beyond just the manufacture of tyres into Precured Tread Rubber and into the area of material handling with its 'Muscleflex' Industrial Conveyor Belting.

The pioneer of motor racing in India, MRF is also the winner of several rallies in Asia. The organization's commitment to motor racing, serves as a reliable test-base, wherein the performances of MRF tires is tested in rigorous competition with international brands.

In the Asia Zone Rally Chamopionship 2001-2002, the MRF rally team has won in India, Malaysia, Thailand and China on MRF tires.

To bolster India's capabilities in cricket, MRF introduced a novel concept, the MRF pace Foundation. This institute, under the aegis of the legendary pace maestro Dennis Lillee of Australia, has been grooming youngsters in the art of pace bowling for the past 12 years. Besides, the two premier batsmen in the world cricket, Sachin Tendulkar and Steve Waugh are the brand ambassadors of MRF.

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