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Hatta Computer Company L.L.C. is a specilaised supplier to African countries of all kinds of computer hardware, peripherals and accessories. In addition, the company is also known as a reliable solution provider for a variety of IT-related projects and requirments. All kinds of computer hardware and software can be sourced from Hatta Computers including complete computer systems, laptops, printers, consumables, UPS, backup drives, scanners, cameras, webcams, computer casings, motherboards, hard disks, sound cards, CD-ROM drives, keyboards etc.

The company is a major supplier of assembled and branded computers, servers, PC and netoworking components, peripherals, cables and scanners from major brands like Intel, Microsoft, 3Com, HP, Compaq, APC, Toshiba, Epson, Canon, Acer, Cisco, Sony, Xerox, Vectron, Philips, Dell, Samsung etc.


From its head office in Dubai, the company has been exporting its products to many countries in the African continent on a regulat basis. These African countries include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana and Zambia - to name a few. Many staff members of Hatta Computers are from Africa and have a thorough understanding of the needs and requirements of African customers. This has helped the company in developing longterm business contacts with computer dealers, wholesalers and end-users in several African countries. “We add value to our products,” says Ali Yasin Farah.”We continue to enhance our leadership skills through innovative products and solutions,” he says..

To further assist its regular customers and buyers in Africa, Hatta Computers has recently added two new branches in Somalia (one in Basaso and another in Galkio).

WHIZHAT range of desk top PCs under its product line at affordable prices stretches to reach every home covering a wide area of Middle East and African continent. Whizhat computers are gaining in popularity not only in the UAE but also in overseas markets because of their high quality and low price. These PCs come in a variety of configurations to meet the varying requirements and demands of diferent customers. Hatta Computers can also provide customised configurations for its clients.

The company aims to enhance the success of its customers through the provision of effective solutions for their mission critical business requirement, it maintains a very user-friendly operation panel and easy maintenance. It also delivers well known branded PCs to its customers spread all across the Middle East and Africa.

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