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DataCare is a Dubai-based company that specialises in the supply of all kinds of data storage media as well as other computer peripherals and accessories. The company has built a comprehensive product range, comprising of internationally acclaimed brand names such as HP, Imation, Sony, Quantum, IBM, Fuji, Exabyte, Maxell, Verbatim, Tandberg, etc.


Data Media
DataCare has been supplying a wide variety of data storage mediaÊ likeÊ DDS, DLT, SDLT, LTO, AIT, SLR / MLR, MAGNUS, TRAVAN Tapes, of brands likeÊ HP,Ê IMATION, SONY, IBM, QUANTUM, FUJI, VERBATIM, MAXELL, EXABYTE, TANDBERG, etc.

Tape Drives/ Autoloaders
In an effort to meet all the requirements of its clients, DataCare is alsoÊ dealing in Tape Drives, Autoloaders and LibrariesÊ of brands like HP, TANDBERG, IBM, CERTANCE etc.

Disks/ CDs/ DVDs
DataCare also supplies other storage media like Zip disk, Super Disk, Magneto Optical Disk as well asÊ Floppy Diskettes, CDs, DVDs and DVD-RAMs of all major brands.

Presentation Devices
You can also source Overhead Projectors, Multimedia Projectors and related accessories of all major brands like 3M, Sony, HP, Epson, Canon, Sharp, BenQ, Vega, Braun, etc.

Portable Devices
As the company has already established itself as one of the leading suppliers of storage media in the UAE, it was natural progression for DataCare to venture into other allied fields. As a result, the company has a special division that supplies branded Laptops, USB Flash Drives of different makes and models to meet the varying needs of its customers.

Printer Accessories
With the intention of providing a comprehensive service to all its customers, DataCare also stocks a wide range of printer accessories and supplies like Ribbons, Cartridges and Toners of almost all brands.

Other Accessories
Among the other accessories that DataCare supplies are a variety of Mouse, Keyboards, Screen Filters, Cables, Dust Covers, Head Phones, etc

"We differentiate ourselves on the basis of service offered to our clients," says Suresh A. Shetty, director of DataCare. "We believe in establishing a one-to-one relationship with our customers. Being a private company, each employee works for a common goal of customer satisfaction. This dedication has helped us reach the level of success we only once dreamed of," he says. Indeed, the phenomenal rise of the company is proof of the hard work, dedication and service-oriented attitude of the staff and management of DataCare.



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