Corodex markets superior Reverse Osmosis Units designed and constructed to meet all demands for ultra pure water. Five different families of the RO Units are introduced as standard models of Corodex RO Systems with production capacities upto 400,000 GPD (1500M3/day)

Reduction and removal of calcium and magnesium hardness.
Various types of hardness removal softeners with different control and automation options are available

Construction material of softeners tanks include:
Rubber or special epoxy coated steel, stainless steel and polyethylene lined fiberglass. Hardness exchange resins used are only from reputed manufacturers to ensure consistent production of hardness-free water. Single, twin, duplex, and multiplex softener configurations are available to the required capacity and intermittent or continuous mode of operation. Timer and meter initiated regeneration process are available using standard softeners, heads, stagers, or PLC based control systems. In special cases, where raw water hardness varies, an on-line hardness monitoring system is used to initiate the regeneration.

Used for pH adjustment, chlorination, dechlorination
asas For various applications that need chemical injections with manual and/or automatic injection rate controls, Corodex Industries provides complete injection packages.

The package includes all necessary dosing pumps, controllers, solution tanks, mixers, and level switches all mounted on a frame. Tanks in plastic and 316 SS tanks are available for use with exothermic dilution reactions. An extremely popular product in many African countries used to purify water. Corodex has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology for water treatment by supplying quality products like this at extremely competitive pricess.


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