Corodex markets superior Reverse Osmosis Units designed and constructed to meet all demands for ultra pure water. Five different families of the RO Units are introduced as standard models of Corodex RO Systems with production capacities upto 400,000 GPD (1500M3/day)

CCG employs around 420 people and provides products and services all over the world. CCG’s worldwide presence helps us achieve our mission to be affordable, reliable and accessible.

Led and supported by the Group Headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE a series of local subsidiaries are at your disposal to provide you with the best possible service.
Operating Offices

* Abu Dhabi, UAE (Headquarters)
* Dubai, UAE
* Alain, UAE
* Sharjah, UAE
* Doha, Qatar
* Sana’a, Yemen
* Khartoum, Sudan
* Amman, Jordan
* Winnipeg, Canada
* London, United Kingdom

Products and Services
* Water purification systems
* Water treatment chemicals
* Water treatment components
* Water recycle systems
* Sewage equipment
* Sewage treatment plants
* Air purification systems
* Air purification & odor control system
* Fire fighting equipments and system
* Fire protection and Automation systems
* Sewerage systems
* Electromechanical services
* Industrial gases
* Marine and Industrial chemical cleaning services
* Chemicals
* Industrial tools
* Laboratory instruments
* Construction and building materials
* Printing material


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