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Bristol Fire Engineering was established in 1989 (the first of its kind in the UAE) for the production of high quality fire fighting equipment and systems. The production procedures are tested by Bureau Veritas to comply with European Standards BS/EN3


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Fire Extinguishers
BRISTOL manufactures a wide range of Fire Extinguishers for Fire Types A, B, C and E. These include:

• CO2 Fire Extinguishers
• Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
• Water Fire Extinguishers
• Foam Fire Extinguishers
• Halotron Fire Extinguishers


BRISTOL Cabinets have an attractive and compact design with universal high quality standards. Bristol Cabinets can be surface-mounted or recessed with architrave and 180 degree swinging action doors. Cabinets are availble in Mild Steel and Stainless steel and are available in the following design specifications:

• Breeching Cabinets
• Single Cabinets
• Double Vertical Cabinets
• Double Horizontal Cabinets
• Special Designs Cabinets

Fire Fighting Equipment and Valves

BRISTOL manufactures various types of vales and Fire hoses. BRISTOL Fire hoses are used by firefighting professionals, fire brigades, oil field and heavy industries. It's main distinct features is it's all-in-one design of synthetic rubber with textile reinforcement which meet B.S 6391 type and 15636.88 type. Bristol also manufactures valves of all kinds for fire fighting equipment.

Fire Pumps for Fire Hose Reel and Sprinklers

Fire Pumps supplied by Bristol can be set to either automatic or manual mode. When the unit is in auto mode, the electric pump will be switched on automatically if the line pressure drops below a preset level. In case of power failure, the control panel automatically starts the diesel pump. When the unit is in manual mode, the electric pump has to be switched off manually. Other features include:
• Centrifugal end suction pump.
• Stainless steel shaft.
• Cast iron casing.
• Bronze impeller on stainless steel (optional).
• Mechanical Seal Type.

Hose Reels

BRISTOL Hosereels are designed and manufactured in compliance with the requirements of B.S.5274 & B.S.E.N 671. Extra options can be made to meet specific customer requirements. For recess cabinets, Hosereels are ready for swinging, door mounting or fixed installations. BRISTOL Hosereels can be used without alteration for mounting with inlet to left / right or top / bottom of the Hosereeel, also it is fitted with specially designed glandless type drip proof seal. This gives maximum flexibility to suit an extensive range of Architectural and installation requirements and makes it easy to install.


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